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The founder of the NOVA VITA group Dr. Marian Neagoe, developed a concept of effective integrative medicine for 20 years and turned time into a friend. With a large number of receptive patients, and also their desire to benefit from the best quality guaranteed services, led to this concept. Thus, NOVA VITA BEAUTY brings professional expertise and medical techniques endorsed by FDA in the United States, the highest possible global standard in safety and efficacy in the field of medical aesthetics.

We approach health within NOVA VITA CLINIC only with professionals, leaders in their field, in an integrative way, with special attention to the patients' needs, personalizing it to the smallest detail with every treatment plan.

In the search for permanent beauty in life but also in our society, Dr. Marian Neagoe has his own philosophy "We seek the art of living beautiful and healthily with mind, body and soul".
NOVA VITA WELLNESS – MEDICAL is the place where patients will discover the secrets of a new quality of life and lasting regeneration of anti-aging solutions.
To complete this holistic concept NOVA VITA SPA – MEDICAL offers that the argument for life with beauty and happy days.
"We know that by investing in health and beauty, you save! Education, beauty and health are the best and safest investments."
Dr. Marian Neagoe



Using the principle of a non-thermal effect of LED modulated light technology, Exilite amplifies the regeneration effect.
This scientifically proven method substantially reduces erythema, improves skin regeneration and stimulates the production of collagen in the tissue.


The pressure waves in the overlapping skin compartments, relax the muscles, reduce excess fluid with metabolic residues and soothe muscle spasms.
Lymphastim improves blood circulation by applying continuous pressure waves to the peripheral veins. More oxygenated blood helps the skin look younger.

X Wave™

X-Wave is a new and revolutionary device that uses radial acoustic waves to fight against cellulite, stretch marks, scars and fights "left" skin. It is a non-invasive and painless treatment that reduces edema and removes lipids from fat cells under the skin.

Exilis Ultra 360™

Thanks to the 360° design of the applicators, the Exilis treatment is the fastest radio frequency on the market.
360° volumetric heating, for a faster, safer and more comfortable treatment of the intimate area.

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